Top ten grossest Halloween party foods

So you're headed to a friend's Halloween party or hosting one of your own and the pressure's on to find the perfect party food to delight and entertain. You've done cute mashed potato ghosts, are bored with spider web cheesecakes, and are so over doll hands reaching out from cupcakes. Maybe you're not so interested in "delighting" after all...

We've rounded up the ten grossest, most disgusting Halloween-themed party foods circling the web. Fair warning: though a lot of effort is involved in creating these, we can't guarantee that anyone will actually want to eat any of them.

10.  Dried Scabs

Sometimes it's all about the presentation. Here, a usually benign party treat--dried cranberries-- will manage to trigger a gag reflex with the simple addition of a suggestive sign. Your guests may never look at a dried cranberry the same again. 9.  Pumpkin puking dip Another great way to make guests second guess what they're about to eat? Suggest that it's vomit. Extra points for anything green and/or chunky. 8.  Kitty Litter Cake The beauty of this cake is that you're not only offering poop (gross), but you're offering it in an actual cat's litter box (extra gross) and serving it with a pooper scooper. Even though the recipe calls for the purchase of a brand new box and scooper, guests will have to trust that you actually made this. Your credibility goes down if you own -- or have ever owned -- any felines. 7. Stuffed Cockroaches The mere implication that dried dates eerily resemble cockroaches is enough of a grossout to springboard this (un)appetizer into the winners circle. But by filling them with cream cheese and crunchy walnuts, you're adding a textural element that will keep anyone from going back for seconds. 6.Slimy Worms on a Bun  Heat-curled hot dogs and barbecue sauce reach their full potential here. Total bonus that these look more like strips of human flesh than worms.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.