Top ten scrumptious food T-shirts

T-shirts, like tattoos, tell you a lot about a person's passions and prejudices, likes and dislikes. Also like tatts, they have become an overt form of self-expression -- a bumper sticker for the body -- that lets people know if you're a fan of the Rolling Stones or the rolling pin. But while concert tees still have their place in the closet, gastrotees are finding their way onto the chests and breasts of a food-obsessed public.

Here are ten of our favorites:

What happens in China, stays in China, but if you wear this "EuthanASIA" T-shirt in the presence of a cat owner, you're on your own. If sex was really as good as this "Makin' Bacon" t-shirt makes it out to be, then why is masturbation such a popular pastime? The fastest way to make a vegetarian sob into her tofu? Clad yourself in this "Meat is Neat" T-shirt, throw back your shoulders and raise your fists in carnivorous euphoria. Experiencing stuttering issues while talking to your kid about the facts of life? Let this "Practice Safe Lunch: Use a Condiment" T-shirt do the talking for you. Face it: Pig is the new God. When next Sunday rolls around, this "Praise the Lard" T-shirt should definitely be your choice of clothing, especially if you're getting baptized or taking communion. Know someone who's anorexic, bulimic, fasting or forced to eat a cafeteria food diet? Show your concern by gifting them with this "Wanna Eat?" T-shirt. What better way to dissect Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay or Emeril Lagasse than with a cleaver? Someone should really pitch this concept to the Food Network. Free "Leave it to Cleaver" T-shirts for anyone who offers to help! Chianti, fava beans and Hannibal the cannibal resurrected as a gingerbread man. Nice. The perfect T-shirt to wear to your next "Taco Sluts" anonymous meeting. Can a "Salumi Slut" T-shirt be far behind? Macaroni met cheese and fell madly, deeply in love and had curds for offspring.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.