Tortas are street food -- but on the streets of Cherry Creek?

In Mexico, the behemoth sandwiches known as tortas are street food, meals-on-the-go with stuffings of carnitas or breaded steak -- not to mention such standard accompaniments as refried beans, tomatoes and mayo -- spilling out of puffy white bread. Here in Denver, tortas have been mostly the domain of take-out joints, the attraction being the sandwiches themselves, not the environment in which they're eaten. See also: - First look: Ay Caramba! opens in Cherry Creek - Foodography: A sneak peek at Bisque - Review: Las Tortas is the kind of tortas

So I was intrigued when Ay Caramba! opened this winter.

Ay Caramba! is the brainchild of Alex Gurevich, best known for Limon, who last year found himself with an empty space on his hands after Bisque, his ex-wife's restaurant, closed last summer. And not only is the torteria he decided to fill it with a sit-down place, it's located in Cherry Creek, of all places.

Does the food live up to its tony address? Find out when my review of Ay Caramba! is posted here tomorrow.

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