Total Recall: Slim Fast is the latest yank from the FDA

As an ongoing public service, we would like to draw your attention to another FDA food recall. (As we reported here last week, the FDA recently recalled nearly 111,000 pounds of frozen beef steak fritter.) Why? Because any opportunity to explore the many euphemisms for spending hours in the bathroom due to food-borne illness, is worthwhile reading material.

The FDA recently announced a voluntary recall of Slim-Fast diet drinks in a can. Unilever, the parent company, recommends that you immediately toss any said Slim-Fast drink because of possible contamination of Bacillus cereus. While the risk is remote, this little critter could have you purging those pounds (unwanted and otherwise) with a violent gastrointestinal assault.

The company is currently working on a fix, which means you should be able to get non-vomit inducing Slim-Fast in a can fairly soon. Still, if you're a Slim Fast can consumer and want a refund, call the 1-800-896-9479 I-want-my-money-back line. Of course, money back is probably little consolation if your favorite diet drink sends you to "refinish the porcelain."

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