Trader Joe's finally breaks ground on its Boulder store

Trader Joe's fans in metro Denver have waited a long time to get one of the stores -- and now they're getting two, both of which could open this fall. The Trader Joe's that's going into Boulder's Twenty Ninth Street development was the first one announced, and the project finally got under way last week, when the former Applebee's that had stood on that spot came down, paving the way for Boulder's new "neighborhood grocery store."

Meanwhile, the construction crew is pouring on the heat -- and pouring the foundation -- for the Trader Joe's being built at 790 Colorado Boulevard. See also: - Trader Joe's begins building its first Denver store - Trader Joe's gets its retail liquor license in Denver - Is Trader Joe's coming to Boulder's Twenty-Ninth Street?

Boulder's store will be 14,000 square feet, and the developers are shooting to have the place open by late fall. Meanwhile, progress is moving fast on the Ground was broken on Denver's store two months ago. It will be 18,000 square feet, and will include the single liquor store that a grocery chain is able to have in the state, under Colorado liquor laws. The Denver Trader Joe's, too, is slated to open late this fall.

Anyone want to bet on which will open first?

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