Tropicana at Cuba Cuba

About this time of year, I'm itching for sun and surf. The weather can be such a tease — it might be 70 degrees today and snowing tomorrow — that I find myself dreaming of sitting by a beach or pool, sipping a fruity cocktail. Unfortunately, since 2010 is another austerity year, I know my dreams will not become reality. Still, I can at least get a taste of the tropical life at Cuba Cuba Cafe and Bar, which features a drink menu worthy of a very nice palapa on the beach. My favorite cocktail: the Tropicana ($7.50), made with Bacardi Añejo and Coconut rums, mango and pineapple juices. One sip and I'm swinging in a hammock. I also like the refreshing Cuba Cuba Martini ($8), also made with Bacardi Añejo and Coconut rums, as well as coconut milk and lime juice. This one doesn't taste fruity, yet the rum, coconut and lime combine to create the flavor of a beachside bebida. Cuba Cuba's setting only adds to the tropical feel: cute, cute bartenders, a copper-topped bar with bongos alongside, and happy Caribbean music. No matter how early or late you stop in, Cuba Cuba has that party attitude. Here, life's always a beach.

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Nancy Levine
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