TRVE Brewing will open next year in former Rule Gallery space on Broadway

Nick Nunns isn't looking to take over the world. He just wants a cool, intimate spot for his brewery where people can hang out and drink good beer. "A dive mead hall," he calls it.

This week, Nunns signed a lease on the former Rule Gallery space at 227 Broadway, where he hopes to open TRVE Brewing by next spring.

"It has kind of that Thin Man layout, narrow and deep so you feel like it's intimate. It will be a really interesting place for something like this," says Nunns, a former electrical engineer who has been crafting his business plan for TRVE (pronounced "true") for a year. "Since it was an art gallery, the best thing is that it doesn't need a lot of touch-up work."

Nunns plans to have a bar that seats about forty people, as well as a long communal table running through the tasting room. He'll use a new three-barrel brewing system to make "anything that is not a boring pale ale," he says. "Beer culture as a whole, at least for people in the know, is moving beyond just wanting to have your standard ambers and pale ales. There is a place for those -- to indoctrinrate new people -- but I am shooting for the more far-out concepts. The whole style guideline thing doesn't click with me."

And Nunns says the urban and busy Baker neighborhood -- which doesn't have its own brewery yet -- is the perfect place for it. "Baker is going to be awesome for that because it has a really good alternative vibe to it. There are punks and families and new businesses...the people who are going to love what I am doing live in that neighborhood."

The brewery's odd spelling is taken from Nunn's fondness for black metal music; it's partly a nod to the culture and partly a joke, he says: "The best thing about metal is not taking it seriously and the best thing about beer is not taking it seriously."

TRVE is one of seven breweries -- some of them with specific neighborhood focuses -- that have already announced plans to open in Denver in the first part of 2012.

Nunns likes it. "We are in a playground of beer," he says. "I'd love to see us get to where Portland is in terms of breweries and neighborhood breweries -- not for us to be not just in a great beer state, but a great beer city as well."

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