Tryst to re-open as Dive on 15th this weekend

Last week, when Paul Piciocchi announced that he was closing Tryst and moving the club concept down to Playa Del Carmen, he said that its former home at 1512 Larimer Street would soon become a new watering hole. Ana after less than a week of remodeling, Dive on 15th is slated to open this weekend in that space.

"It's basically a LoDo version of a dive bar," Piciocchi says. "We're keeping the stuff we like about Tryst -- the things we've loved over the years -- like the strawberry-infused vodka and the staff and the music. We're adding a couple of things just to make it more fun, like new lighting, foosball and a shot wheel to make it little more casual and more fun."

When he first opened Tryst six years ago, he says, the area was all about the trendy cocktail lounges. "There's been a shift of people wanting more casual and fun places," he explains. "Right now, I don't feel like there's a lot of fun, kind of laidback spaces in LoDo. There are casual bars, but not ones that are fun to be in, so we're trying to make it a little more fun space."

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