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Twenty Colorado Beers Approved Before the Government Shutdown

Odd13 Brewing's Jetman Jimmy is one of several Colorado beer labels that got federal approval just before the government shutdown.
Odd13 Brewing's Jetman Jimmy is one of several Colorado beer labels that got federal approval just before the government shutdown. Odd13 Brewing
The month-long government shutdown has wreaked havoc on the lives of tens of thousands — if not more — people across the country. The lack of funding has left some people out of work, forced others to work without pay, and taken a toll on plenty of people and businesses who work with the federal government on a regular basis.

One of those is the beer industry: Breweries rely on the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau for approval of their brewing licenses, unusual recipes, and labels on any packages that will cross state lines. Since the shutdown, however, the TTB has been closed, and no new labels have been approved. This is a crisis for drinkers, but more so for the businesses that pay their employees with money made from beer sales.

But the shutdown doesn't mean a complete end to new beers in bottles and cans. A whole host of beer labels were approved in the two months beforehand — and they are all still on track to be released. Some have already hit shelves, in fact. Here is a list of twenty delicious Colorado brews that you'll be seeing this year.


Avery Brewing Hazyish IPA
Avery Brewing in Boulder said it would never package a hazy IPA, but then it did. This seasonal release will be followed later this year by a hazy double IPA (see below). Never say never.

Left Hand Brewing Company Raspberry Milk Stout
Left Hand Brewing has renewed its commitment to stouts, fruit beers and nitro beers, and this one is one of two new milk stouts planned for 2019. The other, Peanut Butter Milk Stout, is expected in November (assuming the government reopens at some point).

Oskar Blues Can-O-Bliss Tropical IPA
The first of four different juicy IPAs that Oskar Blues will release quarterly under the same label. This one hit on January 1 and isn't hazy. A hazy version will follow this spring.

Odd13 Brewing Jetman Jimmy Hazy Golden Ale
This lower-ABV hazy golden ale is something different for Odd13 Brewing, which is known for its New England-style IPAs. It is part of the brewery's permanent year-round lineup, at least for 2019.


Oskar Blues/Cigar City Brewing Bamburana Imperial Stout
This nationally distributed collaboration from Oskar Blues and Cigar City (which are both owned by the Canarchy collective) sounds mighty delicious. It should be hitting shelves in late January.

Dry Dock Brewing Hazy IPA
This is really just a redo of Dry Dock Brewing's existing IPA with the turtle on the label. Adding the word "hazy" is probably helpful here, though, from both a consumer and marketing standpoint.

Great Divide Brewing Co. Chocolate Cherry Yeti Imperial Stout
A big hit at Great Divide's Yeti party last December, Chocolate Cherry Yeti is one of two new Yetis planned for 2019 (the other is S'mores Yeti, in October). It should debut in the first week of February.


Left Hand Brewing Company Nitro Push Pop Party Hazy Citrus Ale
This is one of several new nitro beers that Left Hand will release this year. It should hit in April, just in time for the beginning of frozen-treat season.

Odell Brewing Co. Mountain Standard IPA
Honestly, I was pretty bummed that Odell did away with its amazing Mountain Standard Double Black IPA, but at least the brewery kept the name, which it will use on a new beer debuting in March.

Upslope Brewing Company Tea Shandy
This seasonal beer, made with black tea, lemons and Lemondrop hops, is going to be an interesting one.

Telluride Brewing Co. There Gose the Snow
Previously brewed for draft only. There Gose the Snow marks the end of the snow season. It will come out in cans for the first time in April.

These beers are either releasing in the second half of 2019 or don't have a release date yet but could come out at any time.

Odell Brewing Co. Hammer Chain Fresh Grind Double IPA

Funkwerks MIHO Belgian-style Pale Ale

Upslope Brewing Company Spruce Tip IPA

Avery Brewing Double Digit Hazy IPA

Sanitas Brewing Co. Munich Lager
Avery Brewing Barrel-Aged Cucumber Hibiscus Sour

Tivoli Brewing Company Bo Girl Pilsner

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Jucifer IPA

Epic Brewing Oak and Orchard Rosé
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