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Twin Perks bikini baristas will give Denver its boobs and beans

Denver is about to get its second bikini-barista coffee shop, and like the first, it takes its inspiration and has its roots in the bikini-barista trend in the Pacific Northwest.

Twin Perks is scheduled to open sometime in December at 1628 Federal Boulevard near Invesco Field at Mile High, according to its website. The store will be part of a five-location chain that until now only had stores in the Portland and Seattle areas.

The girls who dole out the joe will be dressed (or undressed), of course, in bikinis and other revealing clothes, a business practice that tends to both draw very loyal customers and inspire anger.

Denver's first bikini-barista shop, Hot Chick-a-Latte, which opened in May at 4736 East Colfax, has done both -- especially when the girls dance and hula hoop on the curb, trying to attract customers. So did Perky Cups, an Aurora coffee house where the girls would often dance around the parking lot. Perky Cups closed after a landlord dispute and a boycott from Aurora City Councilwoman Molly Markert.

"I started my drive-thru stands in January 2009 with the idea to bring the flirty fun, summertime attitude to Vancouver and the PDX area," Twin Perks owner Tracy Fields writes on the web site.

"I'm excited to announce that I have welcomed my friend Donna, to join the fun!! She will be bringing our flirty, fun flair to DENVER!! Watch out Colorado, here we come! Look for that grand opening in December 2010!!"

Fields didn't return a call seeking comment, but the web site says the chain's motto is: "We're clean and classy, not cheap and trashy."

And now Denver's coffee scene will get even, uh, classier.

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