Two Edgewater joints go dark

Well, that sucks. Just called Johnie's Bar-B-Cue, the new, late-night smokehouse at 5280 West 25th Avenue in Edgewater, only to get a voicemail greeting announcing the following:

Thank you for calling Johnie's Bar-B-cue. At this time we are sad to announce the closing of Johnie's Bar-B-Que due to issues with our landlord. Thank you and have a beautiful day.

A beautiful day without barbecue? Yeah, right.

On a different day, I might tell you to head over to Sisters Pizzas and Mussels for, well, pizza and mussels, but this spot at 2255 Sheridan Boulevard, just a few blocks from Johnie's and directly across the street from Sloan's Lake, closed its doors on Monday, July 20. The homegrown chain, whose parent company, The Naples Group, operates Heidi's Brooklyn Deli, Sushi Hai and Soup 'n Juice, also shuttered its Thornton location at 819 Thornton Parkway.

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