Two Spoons to bring soup and gelato to the masses

Two Spoons opened this month in the former location of Gelato Bacio, at 1021 Pearl Street in Boulder, and owner David Cohen, who for seventeen years has owned Spruce Confections, at 767 Pearl Street, is now serving up more joy by the gelato and soup spoon.

"We make everything from scratch in small batches in-house," Cohen told me. "Unlike most gelato shops, we use absolutely no pre-made ingredients (no bases, mixes). We pasteurize our own gelato bases using local, all-natural milk from Morning Fresh Dairy, organic agavé nectar, organic sugar. Our frozen yogurt is completely unique; it's actually cultured in-house in a ten-hour process. Since we have our own pasteurizer, we can do tricks like this, unlike your typical ice cream shop."

Among the most popular gelato flavors: malt chocolate chip and cappuccino brownie. Two Spoons also sells sour cream espresso brownies made at Spruce.

But there's plenty more coming from Cohen's kitchen. "Our soups are made with the same attention to detail, simplicity and care," he told me. "We make the bread for our sandwiches at Spruce. The chicken matzoh ball, Cuban black bean, buffalo chile, roasted carrot and thyme are a few of the favorites."

Two Spoons will also have a Twitter feed to keep you updated daily on its new menu items. And if you bring your own spoon, you can get 10 percent off!

Come March, Cohen said, he'll expand his culinary arsenal with "an organic, hot cereal bar in the mornings as well as something we call 'slow coffee.' Slow coffee -- three minutes wait -- is ground fresh to order per cup and combines the depth of French press-style coffee with the smoothness of drip."

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