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Udi Bar-on on granola, gluten-free and the celebratory funeral to bury the Udi's brand

Udi Bar-on Udi's

Yesterday, in part one of my conversation with Udi Bar-on, founder of Udi's, he recalled his midlife crisis, his Christmas miracle and the rapid growth of his empire. Today, in part two of our interview, Bar-on talks about the gluten-free business that made him a millionaire and the celebratory funeral that will retire the Udi's name

The girl and the granola: The bakery was struggling, and we were always looking to add new products, so we started a granola business in partnership with Yasmin. She tasted the granola that we'd been using from a company in Seattle and insisted that her granola - nuts, oats, honey and canola oil - was way, way better, and when we ate it, we were like, "Oh, my God." We knew that it was something that we could bake and sell - and it had the benefit of not having shelf-life restrictions. We sold the granola to local Costco retailers, and it was the first Udi's product to be packaged for national distribution. The granola business took on a life of its own, and it was a key moment for our company.

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