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(Udi's) Nuggets on the Rachel Ray Show

If you were tuned in to The Rachel Ray Show this morning -- and honestly, who wasn't? -- you probably caught the "snack time"segment, when she hands out a little something for her audience to munch on as the show continues.

The snack this morning was from Udi's here in Denver.

So I called Eric Clayman, the "Granola Tycoon," to ask how that came about. He said that he'd heard about the segment through a specialty foods newsletter, and contacted Ray's people to see about getting Udi's Granola Nuggets on TV.

Clayman says they were all set to go last fall, but got unexpectedely bumped. Then last Wednesday, he got a sudden call asking for Udi's to overnight 165 packets of granola. (The show that aired today was filmed last Thursday.).

So this morning, I got to watch Rachel Ray look at the packet and then say that Udi's Granola Nuggets were "yummy!" Although this adjective is one of the standard sixteen she uses to describe food, it still translates into some great press for a quickly growing local company.

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Tyler Nemkov
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