Udi's Supper Club serves up (vegan) manna from heaven

Udi's Pizza Cafe Bar has created something amazing with its monthly Udi's Supper Club -- a multi-course, family-style vegan feast of absurd proportions held on the last Monday of every month, with 10 percent of the proceeds benefitting a different charity each time.

Udi's Supper Club works like this: You make a reservation in advance, show up at your allotted time, and get your own table (this isn't like many other family-style dinners in the area, where you're forced to make small talk with strangers at one big table). Then a server brings out the courses one by one -- and you can always order more of any item you like. But be careful: There are usually four to five dishes per course, and it's easy to fill up far too early.

If you have friends and family who doubt that eating vegan can be delicious, this is just the place to prove them wrong. Chef Robin Bar-on's food is superb -- and a total steal at just $18 per person for an all-you-can-eat meal!

We left the first installment of Udi's Supper Club Monday night incredibly satisfied, and loaded with food porn:

First course, pictured above, clockwise from top: assorted artisan breads with Lebanese-style garlic sauce and Yemenite-style cilantro hot sauce, taboule salad, smoked eggplant with Italian olive oil, white-bean hummus, falafel.

Assorted artisan breads with Lebanese-style garlic sauce and Yemenite-style cilantro hot sauce. Falafel. White-bean hummus. Smoked eggplant with Italian olive oil. Taboule salad (with pomegranate seeds). Second course, clockwise from top: Udi's basil pizza, pickled fennel-and-beet salad, Caesar salad with smoked mushrooms and croutons, roasted butternut squash and turnips with toasted pumpkin seeds. Vegan Caesar salad -- anchovy-free! Pickled fennel-and-beet salad. Udi's basil pizza on Udi's signature (and delicious) pizza crust. Third course, clockwise from top right: Marinated charred kale, carrot-and-celery root salad, chickpea tagine with dates and sweet potatoes, saffron couscous with toasted almonds. Carrot-and-celery root salad. Chickpea tagine with dates and sweet potatoes. Marinated charred kale. Saffron couscous with toasted almonds.

Dessert was bread pudding with caramelized apples, which we didn't manage to snap.

To make a reservation for the March 28 Udi's Supper Club, call 303-421-8000.

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