Under Fire: He walked with that?

Our former Cafe Society intern just decided to chuck college in favor of a real education: as a sous chef. In Under Fire, he chronicles his daily trials and tribulations in the kitchen. 
Throughout the day, I try to note stuff that might be worth writing about once I get out of the kitchen.Today I had about four things on my list, and then as I was throwing on my jacket to head out the door, I caught the last sentence of a server: "Yeah. Well, I walked with 200 tonight."

Now, we were busy but not slammed, and $200 sounds like an above-average night -- yet just hearing him say this startled me. Yes, I know that chefs and cooks often get paid less than servers; this is well known throughout the industry.

Still, it's interesting that chefs are the heart of both a service and entertainment industry, yet the average person in the kitchen never makes what an average person in the front of the house gets.

Right now, I'm attempting to decide if we're passionate or idiots...
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Tyler Nemkov
Contact: Tyler Nemkov