Under Fire: Nine fingers and half a brain

I am peering from the inside out now. "The Kitchen Life" that I have fantasized about is now under way, as I experience the daily repetitiveness that makes a kitchen run, start acquiring the mindset necessary to work twelve-plus hour days.

It's interesting how consecutive "normal" days at my new office work. You can breeze through a fourteen-hour day if everything is in order and people are on the same page -- but we are in the process of rolling out a new menu, so these days have a been a clusterfuck of prepping for the new menu mixed with the daily meez in prep for that night's service. 

The menu launches soon (with bone marrow! And I feel no shame continually asking Chef if I can rub it all over my body), so the hectic days will continue. And due to an out-of-commission computer and an out-of-commission finger, I am going to take some time off from this blog.

The finger is iffy because of some swift cutting on my part. Right as we were getting our big hit a few nights ago, I chunked my finger. At the time I thought I nicked it and that a paper towel, a bandage and some tape would solve the problem. The blood that pooled up a third time in the rubber glove told me differently. After finally getting a look at it after a solid five hours of bleeding, I could see I took a decent piece from my left middle fingertip.

Due to the aforementioned disabled finger, the first draft in this blog had more red lines than a dyslexic third grader's first writing assignment. And after a fourteen-hour day, nothing is more tedious than laboring through 200 words like it's the first time I've ever seen a computer.

Excuses aside, a week away from the blog will give me time to totally dive into the restaurant, let my finger heal, and get a clear view from the inside out.


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