Reader: You Should Take a Stance Against Inappropriate Drinking

Reader: You Should Take a Stance Against Inappropriate Drinking
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Think you have to be at least 21 to drink legally? Think again. In this state, it's legal to be an underage certain very special circumstances, as Michael Roberts explained in Five Ways You Can Legally Drink Underage in Colorado. One of those exceptions? Keeping it all in the family. But some people didn't appreciate the lesson. Says Elizabeth:

It would be fantastic if the author of this article took a stance discouraging inappropriate drinking (whether it's legal or not), rather than just saying, "Hey, here are the loopholes."
Responds Donald: 
We're adults, we don't need news persons' opinions, which are the vast oil spill in the gulf we call news today! But hey, that's just my opinion... I appreciate this article very much, especially understanding exactly what the law is: not in order to "get away" with anything, but to help save lives. As in the exception which my kids on their way to college will benefit greatly from, assuming they stay in this awesome state of Colorado!
And then there's this from Robert:
I did not realize that the familial exception was quite so broad as that. Here is yet more grist for the argument that we regulate cannabis nothing like alcohol — if only there were more than a handful of people making it!
What do you think of the loopholes that allow those under 21 to drink?
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