Update: Eat the pig!

Earlier this morning I posted some musings on swine flu and eating as many hogs as I could hold.  Mostly, I talked about how business was at The Berkshire -- Denver's most porkerific restaurant -- and what the restaurant's chef, Woodie Thomas, thought about pigs getting a bad rap.

Soon after that post was published, I heard from the Berkshire's chief pork architect, owner Andy Ganick, who sent an e-mail with more insight into how things have been shaking out at his restaurant:

"Heard that you spoke with my chef, Woodie about how we are doing in the face of the latest crisis. I wanted to tell you the great news that we had our busiest weekend just last weekend, in the midst of the news. Every night this week has been average to above average and we are looking forward to our first Pig roast on Friday. I know it's unfortunate timing, but we will stay faithful to our favorite animal. I'm even thinking about having a shot special called 'The Swine Flu Vaccine'! Do you think that's pushing it?"

Actually, I don't think that's pushing it at all. My original blog has already inspired a comment suggesting that repeated doses of the Berkshire's bacon martini might provide some immunity to the swine flu, and I say a serious investigation by the Centers for Disease Control is in order. Or better yet, a serious investigation by me. If there's anything out there that massive doses of bacon and vodka can't cure, I haven't yet found it.

Anyway, The Berkshire's pig roast is scheduled for tomorrow at 4 p.m. The price tag is $18 a head. Get them pigs before they get you...

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