Update: Free food at tonight's free screening of Food

As mentioned here yesterday, Chipotle is underwriting a screening of Food, Inc. tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Chez Artiste Theater at 2800 South Colorado Boulevard. The first 280 or so people in line all get in free. But wait, there's more!  Before the screening, you'll get a free lecture by a Chipotle spokesperson (kinda like the condo sales pitch you have to sit through before you can enjoy the free vacation). And then you'll get certificates for free tacos.

Yes, that's right: Free tacos.  Which are, of course, the best kind of tacos there are.

Chipotle is running this promotion (free movie+free lecture+free tacos) in thirty-some cities across the country, as part of its "Food With Integrity" campaign -- though whether people will actually be hungry for tacos (even good tacos) after watching pigs being herded onto the killing floor is uncertain.

Except in my case. I'm always hungry for tacos. Make mine carnitas.

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