Update: McRib dominates me

I consider myself an adventurous, or at least open-minded, eater. I've had gelatinized blood, intestines and pig's ears, and  loved them all.

Still, I had some serious trouble with the McRib -- which, as promised, I tried this weekend. And I'm not the type of person who doesn't like something to prove a point (like, for instance, a rib should actually have a bone). For example, I think veal is delicious. The same goes for  Big Macs.

But I couldn't finish my McRib. I was plenty hungry, but only managed to knock off half of it before my body began to question evolution's path to make choosing meals conscious thought.

The McRib was a soggy mess of high fructose corn syrup and liquid smoke with a texture that, for lack of a better word, was just plain awkward. I felt unhappy after eating it.

Still confused as to why the hell this thing exists, I put a call into McDonald's.

And after a short wait on hold and the good help of two customer-service reps, I realized I can't really blame corporate headquarters for the McRib showing up in Colorado again. This item is not on corporate's list of "core" items (unlike the Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets), so each franchise has the choice of offering the McRib as a promotion. You can blame corporate for inventing the thing in the first place, though -- and you can bet that if the McRib had been a bigger success, it would have wound up a "core" item.

While I'll die an extremely happy man if I never see one of these things again, that's no reason to deprive all you McLovers of the McRib. But there's only one way to make sure they become a menu mainstay: Eat more of them.

And may god have mercy on your souls...and stomachs.. -- Tyler Nemkov

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