Update: New Snooze is a go!

We reported this morning about today's liquor-license hearing for the new Snooze location at 700 Colorado Boulevard. And now, I thought I'd pass along the good news to all you pancake junkies in the neighborhood: It looks like all systems are go.

I just got off the phone with Jon Schlegel, the driving force behind the nascent Snooze empire, and he gave me the vitals: "We got our verbal approval today, about an hour ago," he says. And he and his boys are wasting no time. According to Schlegel, demo on the new location will begin on Monday.

"Actually, Sunday at midnight," Schlegel adds. "The first thing that needs to be done is the floor, and that's loud. That's the first way to piss off all my new neighbors. So I figured if we start at midnight, none of those guys will be there."

Right now, the projected opening for the new Snooze should be some time in August. And when I asked Schlegel what, if anything, he was planning on changing at this location, he told me that the menu would be "all Chicago-style breakfast pizzas. No, I'm just kidding. It'll be mostly the same."

To insure this, he's bringing in a couple of key guys from the original Larimer Street spot to open this kitchen. Chef Scott Birmingham (who's been with Schlegel for a while), will be heading up the new galley, and he'll be backed up by sous Zack Pong, most recently at Lola. The front of the house staff, though, will be all new. Because Schlegel's biggest fear? Fucking up the good thing he's got going on Larimer Street by making too many changes.

"This machine is working, man," he says. "Why change what's not broken?"

To that end, Schlegel is planning to do all his line cook and FOH hiring towards the end of June, run training throughout July, "and then we just rock it out, man."

As for the somewhat unusual location at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Colorado Boulevard, Schlegel reminds me of a very important bit of neighborhood history: Breakfast-wise, this stretch was almost entirely served by just one restaurant, Annie's. "I was going to Annie's when I was at the University of Denver twelve years ago," Schlegel says.

And since Annie's pulled up stakes a year ago and moved the entire operation over to 3100 East Colfax Avene, there really hasn't been any place right in the neighborhood where the locals can get their pancake fix. Not only that, but right now, there's nothing in the space where Annie's used to be -- the lot has been scraped to make way for a Marriott Residence Inn, with construction slated for the next year.

And that will just mean more people buying more pancakes, giving Schlegel more money to open more Snoozes to sell more pancakes to more people...

And all of a sudden that strange location starts seeming not so strange at all.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.