Update: Rosa Linda's reopens after electrical problems

Rosa Linda's reopened today after electrical problems caused the restaurant to close last Friday.

Here's the word from Oscar Aquirre on Facebook:

Wooohhoo! We are open! The city of Denver and Xcel energy, as well as our contractor came together and got us open! Contrary to any rumors, Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe was closed because of violations created by our electrical contractor. Any other rumours are false. We look forward in serving you without interruptions. Thank you Linda GA, Eric Aguirre, and the city of Denver Colorado in helping us get open.

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It came like a bolt out of the blue last fall, when Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe was suddenly the target of irate callers who thought the restaurant had refused to serve Mitt Romney. It hadn't: The decades-old Rosa Linda's, whose founders are both Mexican converts to Mormonism, had simply refused to serve as a campaign stop. The confusion was cleared up relatively quickly, but now the spot has been hit by another bolt from the blue.

Since late last week, the restaurant has been closed for electrical problems.

There's a sign noting the closing on the door, and the message is expanded on the Rosa Linda's Facebook page:

Due to unforseen circumstances, out right negligence from our electrical contractor, and Xcel energy. Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe has been shut down till further notice. We are pursuing all avenues in order to get open. But as you know dealing with the City, Xcel, and contractors can be trying and push the limits of our patience.

In the fall of 2010, Rosa Linda's was closed for more than five weeks when what had been billed as a quick mechanical update stretched an additional month. And memories of that frustration are apparent in the note above.

The problem has not affected Jezebel's, which late last year moved into the corner space in the same building previously occupied by Squeaky Bean, and is open for lunch and dinner.

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