Update: Staffing Up at Mojitos

Okay, so yesterday I used my not insignificant Staffing Up mojo to give some suggestions as to what ought to be done with the former Mojitos , which closed last week at 1120 East Sixth Avenue.

And then this morning, guess what happened? I get a phone call from Alex Gurevich of Limon and Cafe Bisque. He tells me he read the piece. He tells me he has some news.

"We're working on that location," he tells me.

"What location?"



Yeah, seriously. When a space is good, it happens just that quickly. Gurevich explained that while he and his backers haven't yet closed the deal (that'll happen in a couple of weeks), he is under contract right now. "I'll be the chef," he said.

Which, okay, is not at all what I had suggested for the space, but that's just fine -- because it isn't like Gurevich is going to be keeping it as a Cuban restaurant, either.

No, what he has in mind are wood-fired pizzas and a salumi bar. "Some place where everyone is comfortable," he told me. "It should be a good fit for something that's a bit more rustic, a bit more of a neighborhood joint."

He hasn't picked a name and he doesn't have an opening date, though he admits that it's going to "take a little while," owing to the fact that the space has gone through so many changes of concept and ownership lately. But he knows that he wants a family-friendly, neighborhood place that'll be very focused on the pizza (from a Neapolitan-style, 900-degree pizza oven that he already has, but just has to figure out how to get into the kitchen), the salumi (based largely on the research trip he just took through southern Italy) and a few rustic Italian dishes, with which he will no doubt put the ex-Mojitos kitchen to better use than the former staff ever did.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.