Urban Farmer: The Oregon restaurant that will make you want to move

This just kills me...

Got an email this morning from Sage Restaurant Group's Denver-based COO, Peter Karpinski, and now I feel as though I must immediately pack up all my stuff and move to Portland just to be closer to the new Urban Farmer restaurant open inside the Nines hotel there.

Urban Farmer is another one of Karpinski's babies, another concept from the group that already has behind them the Corner Office and Second Home and Mercat and Temple and Departure (also in Portland and, allegedly, awesome) and the Original which I wrote about a couple weeks ago and haven't been able to stop thinking about since.

Check out the piece just written about the place at oregonlive.com and tell me that you don't want to go there rightthisfuckingminute...  I mean, a beef sommelier?  That's brilliant.  A place that lets you choose the type (grass-fed or corn finished or wagyu) and origin (Piedmontese or Californian or whatever) of your cow?  I want to go to there.

Like, now.

Failing that, I want Karpinski to immediately agree that, from now on, every concept or idea he and the Sage braintrust have will first be test-marketed in Denver, in my garage (or other suitable location no more than a hundred yards from my home or office).  Frankly, I don't think that's asking too much, do you?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.