USA Today names Denver one of the top 10 beer cities in the WORLD!

Not only did USA Today just name Denver one the best beer capitals in the world -- the whole fucking WORLD, y'all! -- but the internationally distributed daily newspaper also gave a shout-out to Patty's Chile Beer, named, of course, for Westword founder and editor Patty Calhoun, who likes things spicy. That particular brew, a German-style lager, infused with a duo of chiles, is poured at the Wynkoop, among other local watering holes.

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The story, released today and written by Dara Continenza, pinpoints a total of ten cities around the world, including Munich, Germany; Montreal, Canada; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Dublin, Ireland; Boston, Massachusetts; Portland, Oregon; Brussels, Belgium; and Prague, Czech Republic, that, notes the paper, are "top-of-the-hops beer destinations, from big-time American factory towns to major European pub hubs."

Continenza, who calls Colorado the "Napa Valley of Beers," as have hundreds of others, also gives props to Coors Brewery. She suggests a factory tour, which is fine, I guess, but does anyone really drink that stuff anymore? And, if so, why? No, really, why?

In any case, here's what Continenza wrote about Colorado's beer climate.

What to See: Disappear (temporarily) into the Denver Beer Triangle. This area, from Denver to Ft. Collins to Boulder, is nicknamed the "Napa Valley of Beer" for its eclectic assortment of microbreweries and beer celebrations. Check out October's Great American Beer Festival, where a mix of all-American brewers compete in 84 categories, including best gluten-free and best coffee beers. Nearby Golden, Colorado, is home to Coors, the biggest brewery in the world. Go on a tour of the factory, which produces 1.5 million gallons of beer daily.

Where to Drink: Prefer to party-hop rather than to stay in one place? Pedal Hopper Denver, a group-oriented "party bike" that will pedal you and 15 friends from bar to bar, provides the opportunity to add some exercise into your pub crawl. For those who wish to remain stationary, Wynkoop Brewing Company, founded by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, will bring together both sides of the aisle with a crew of inspired beers (including Patty's Chile Beer, rich with Anaheim chiles and smoked Ancho peppers).

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