Veggie Girl: Mezcal brunch

Either it's the best kept secret in town, or other Denver-ites just don't appreciate the restorative qualities of a good soyrizo-and-egg burrito and an icy cold Chelada after a night of too many indulgences as much as my husband and I do.

When we first stumbled upon the abundance of vegetarian options at Mezcal, we were definitely surprised. Even though adding a vegetarian meat substitute to a menu seems like a relatively easy thing for restaurants to do, most of them don't make the effort, which makes the many soyrizo-and-egg combos here so enticing. They also promise that their red chile is 100 percent veggie-friendly, so I couldn't resist the soyrizo-and-egg burrito smothered in the mildly spicy but still nicely flavored red. The burrito wasn't huge, and it wasn't the cheapest in town, but when we are looking for a change of pace from our regular weekend breakfast burrito spot, Mezcal hit the spot.

They also serve strong and fresh coffee from Pablo's and, if you're feeling brave, my husband swears by the Chelada -- a riff on red beer with a combo of spicy chile sauce and lime. (Full disclosure -- they do include a dash of Worcestershire sauce in the drink, so you should ask them to omit this if you want to stay diligently vegetarian.)-- Aubrey Shoe

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