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Although Lola was built into the retrofitted Olinger's mortuary building, it looks like it was created to support the patio, a deck that offers a stunning view of downtown. Although an in-the-works loft project could change that view, it's unlikely to affect Lola's popularity: Since the day it moved from its original home on South Pearl Street, this coastal Mexican restaurant has been awash in customers.

Sure, some come for chef/owner Jamey Fader's excellent food, but the patio alone is a draw. While there's seating in the cantina-like BeLola lounge downstairs, in the sleek dining booths and at the indoor bar -- as soon as the weather warms, the hardy and beautiful folk head outside, where they can enjoy oh-so stiff margaritas and mojitos.The patio is a graceful extension of the indoor bar, with huge windows open to an exterior bar counter, offering easy access for ordering the next round. The only drawback is how quickly the seats outside disappear once happy hour begins at 4 p.m.

Lola is also open for brunch on the weekends, so grab the sunscreen and head over there at 10 a.m. for stuffed toast, huevos, guacamole made by your table -- and the best view in town.

Lola 1575 Boulder Street 720-570-8686 www.loladenver.com

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