Waffle Brothers opening in April in the Daphne's Deli space

Rod Dupen and John Power aren't waffling around when it comes to their next move. The owners of the Waffle Brothers, the 16th Street Mall concession stand at 16th and Arapahoe, have snapped up the Daphne's Deli space at 393 Corona Street, where they'll continue to dish out deli sandwiches alongside their sugar-bombed Belgian waffles (and 30 plus toppings) that have made breakfast on the street that much sweeter.

"John and I both used to live by Daphne's, and we loved the place -- it was our neighborhood Starbucks -- and a lot of our customers were asking us to do a sit-down place, so after six months of looking, Daphne's came up on the market, and we jumped on it," says Dupen.

The plan, explains Dupen, is to pare down the sandwich board, but "keep a lot of customer favorites;" flip waffles all day, every day; add bacon, sausage and eggs to the morning board; offer several scratch-made soups; and bring in liquid nitrogen ice cream. "We may even add some burgers down the line, depending upon the feedback from our customers," notes Dupen, adding that they're also introducing an all-natural whole wheat waffle to the menu and researching ways to make a gluten-free waffle that doesn't taste like newspaper. "It's all a work in progress," Dupen tells me.

Power and Dupen will continue to run the concessionary on the 16th Street Mall through June, but after that, warns Dupen, they're done. "We'll leave downtown and concentrate on the store, while continuing to sell our waffles at the Cherry Creek farmers' market and the Stapleton farmers' market," he says. And possibly at the Boulder farmers' market, too, if they get approved.

In the meantime, the pair are shooting for an early April opening of the new Waffle Brothers, which will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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