Wahoo's Fish Taco has more than simply seafood on the menu

Every vegetarian or plant-based eater knows the feeling: your stomach starts rumbling come lunchtime, and your brain starts churning as you wonder, what chain restaurant might satisfy your hunger in a tasty, and economical, way? Which places should be avoided, and which will cater to you? For veggie-lovers, Wahoo's Fish Taco is an easy answer.

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It seems incongruous: You wouldn't think an eatery with a major meat group in the name would cater to vegetarians and vegans. But there are entrees for both on the menu at this California-based restaurant, which has several Colorado locations.

The Englewood branch of Wahoo's Fish Taco is frantically busy during weekday lunches. Adjacent to Park Meadows and Ikea, this outpost starts seeing customers trickling in at 11 a.m., and if it weren't as efficient as it happens to be, there would be a backlog by noon. But the food is prepared quickly and people tend to eat and leave -- or pack up their goodies and haul them back to cubicle-land, the better to tantalize everyone within smelling distance.

Pictured above is the taco combo platter with two vegetarian tacos (made with "banzai veggies" -- grilled bell peppers, onion, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms and cabbage); the shells are gluten-free grilled corn tortillas, and if you order the tacos sans cheese, you've got a vegan meal on your hands. The beans are also fully plant-based, but the rice is cooked with some butter, so forego that side of carbs if you're not interested in dairy. The foil-wrapped tacos were served up hot and fast as can be, and the proportion of filling to tortilla was perfect -- you could eat the taco with your hands without making a giant mess.

There are also plain rice-and-bean tacos and a bowl option with veggies and tofu -- which you can get on the tacos, too!

Visit wahoos.com to read the menu.

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