Walnut A-Go-Go grinds to a halt

Walnut A-Go-Go grinds to a halt

With the news that Dylan Moore was garaging the Little Orange Rocket for good, a reader ominously predicted that this food truck wouldn't be the last to go. That reader was right: Walnut A-Go-Go, the mobile arm of the Boulder-based Walnut Cafe group, is now parked permanently.

An employee at the South Side Walnut Cafe confirms that the truck's last day out on the pavement was July 3. Owners Julia Buonanno and Dana Derichsweiler will continue to focus on their two Boulder restaurants, while Nicole Plotkin gears up to open the Super Mini Walnut Cafe in Lafayette in August.

The partners are selling the truck -- which features an oven, flat top and espresso machine -- for $80,000. If you're interested, you can reach them through one of their restaurants.

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