Walnut Room Pizzeria gets ready for its grand opening

The Walnut Room Pizzeria opened a week ago at 2 Broadway, but the grand opening isn't until Saturday, February 6 -- when you can try the place out for free.

"Come one, come all," says Chris Vetrano, spokesman for the Walnut Room Pizzeria and its sibling, the Walnut Room.

"We have been doing our soft opening and it has been good, so we are excited about the grand opening," he adds. "The doors open at 7 p.m., with free food until 9 and cheap drink specials."

But people expecting the original Walnut Room will find a few differences. "It's not a music venue and we don't have a full bar; the focus is on the pizza," he explains.

Another change: The Walnut Room Pizzeria is looking for the lunch crowd. "The new location is going to cater to a lunch crowd with the $5 lunch special," Vetrano continues, describing the deal that includes a personal-sized pizza, salad and a drink, or half sandwich, salad and a drink. "At this location, we are expecting a bigger draw at lunch."

But other things aren't changing. "The menu is exactly the same at this location," says Vetrano. And so far, the favorite pizza is the Walnut Special pizza, which has walnuts, pesto, green olives and tomatoes. "A lot of people think it sounds weird," he adds, "but they try it and it becomes people's favorite."

And if the pizza isn't enough to attract crowds, the location should do the trick. "We didn't announce the soft opening," Vetrano says. "The nature of the street and the traffic of the street drives people in. We anticipate it to be very busy."

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