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Want a job? Root Down at DIA needs 25 kitchen staffers, including a sous chef

Want a job working on the line at one of the hottest new restaurants in the Mile High City? You'll have to drive past the "Devil Horse" of Denver International Airport in order to get to your destination, but my guess is that there are a lot of cooks in this city who would be willing to do just that for an opportunity to cook at Root Down at DIA, which opens Thursday morning in Concourse C.

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And there are numerous kitchen positions available -- 25 of them to be exact -- including a sous chef gig, and lest you think that this Root Down, the first of which opened five years ago in Highland, is a dumbed down version of the original, you'd be wrong. I'll get to all of that tomorrow, but in the meantime, owner-chef Justin Cucci and his kitchen crew, including Daniel Asher, Jeremy Kittelson and Shino Jones, need bodies. Pronto.

"We're hiring line cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers and a sous chef, and they're all great prospects for someone who wants to be a ninja in the kitchen," says Cucci, adding that "This is a serious culinary opportunity to totally rock it out and be a part of a great company that's growing."

In addition to wielding knives in the exhibition kitchen tricked out with amazing equipment, full-time employees also have access to DIA's health club facility for a nominal monthly fee of $15, plus health benefits.

Interested in applying? Send your resume to Cucci says he'd like to have the kitchen fully staffed within 48 hours.

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Lori Midson
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