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Want more of Deluxe? Chef/owner Dylan Moore introduces lunch

While Dylan Moore, the chef/owner of Deluxe and Delite, dumped his food truck earlier this summer and shuttered Deluxe Burger last month, he isn't lazing on a beach somewhere in the tropics, sipping umbrella drinks and building sand castles. Instead, Moore, who recently remodeled Deluxe, is now adding lunch to the restaurant's lineup.

"The newly remodeled space really lends itself to lunch, because it's light and cool, plus I need something to do during the day, and South Broadway needs more lunch restaurants," says Moore, adding that the board -- mainly sandwiches -- is what the Baker neighborhood has been asking for. "I keep hearing people beg for a deli, and while this isn't a deli, I'm doing fun, killer sandwiches."

A half-dozen to be exact, including a sandwich with crisp pork belly, arugula, tomato and basil aioli, which, says Moore, is "a twist on a BLT." He's also pimping a vegetarian sandwich stacked with grilled zucchini, chevre, roasted peppers, baby arugula and basil aioli, as well as a tuna sandwich paved with an olive tapenade and topped with shaved fennel, shaved red onions, arugula and tomatoes. In addition, Moore's menu will proffer macaroni and cheese and an entree salad.

Moore says that he'll introduce specials in the near future, notably a pasta and a sandwich. "I need to get through the first week, but I'm really inspired to make this menu as good as it can be, and within a week or two, I'll play with it some more and definitely add a few daily specials," he notes.

Lunch, which begins tomorrow, will be offered Tuesday through Saturday, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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