Want to taste the Best Green Chile 2013? Win a $50 gift certificate to Boone's Tavern

We have one more $50 gift certificate to give out for Denver Restaurant Week -- and it's to Boone's Tavern, winner of our Best Green Chile award in the Best of Denver 2013! The restaurant has been remodeled and has a new menu, but the green chile is still on it (although not on the Denver Restaurant Week menu). Want to win? Here's how...

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Just post your answer to this in the comments section below: What do you think is the Best Green Chile in Denver, and why?

Will the green chile at Boone's take top honors again this year? The next round in the Best of Denver 2014 poll is now live, so you can now choose between the finalists in almost 200 categories; deadline for voting is March 14.

And there are still five more days of Denver Restaurant Week, which runs through Friday, February 28 -- but for the first time, it will return for a week in August. In the meantime, to see all the multi-course, $60 (for two) menus from the restaurants participating in this week's eating orgy, go to Visit Denver's Denver Restaurant Week page.

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