Washington to finally get some balls

Lawmakers will finally get some balls this week, when the Western Business Roundtable hosts its annual "Taste of the West" reception at the Rayburn Office Building on Thursday. complete with Rocky Mountain oysters, the official food of Colorado.

"We've been doing a Taste of the West event in D.C. for years now, and I can tell you that the Rocky Mountain oysters are the first dish that runs out each year," says Jim Sims, president and CEO of the Roundtable. "Hill staff love them, although I'm not certain that everyone knows the dish's derivation. A number of members of Congress from the West come by early just to make sure they can grab some before they are gone."

Not everyone is as enthusiastic. "I can't say that I have seen many news media folks try them," Simms adds, "but hope springs eternal in the quest to better educate folks in the Beltway media crowd about life outside the Beltway."

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