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WaterCourse Foods offers pairings during City, O' City construction

WaterCourse Foods, the city's flagship vegetarian restaurant, is busier than ever these days. That's because its sibling, City, O' City, is closed this month for a much-needed expansion .

"It's been crazy busy since City, O' closed; we crushed a record week last week," says WaterCourse general manager Chadwick Breithaupt. "It's felt like a Friday night every night around here."

And WaterCourse is rising to the occasion by hosting some interesting food and drink pairing events this month.

The second of the Porch Pounder Series, a nod to Southern hospitality, will take place on the patio from 4 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 18. The event will feature rosé wines paired with creative small plates; $25 gets you all you can eat and drink within reason, and the dress code, though not strictly enforced, is pink.

For those who miss the regular firkin nights at City, O' City, WaterCourse is picking up the slack by tapping a cask-conditioned roasted poblano pepper ale from Renegade Brewing Co. at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 24. The kitchen will offer a Cuban-inspired menu to pair with the brew.

The expanded City, O' City is looking at a September 1 unveiling. "It seems like the project is going really well," says Breithaupt. "They're a little ahead of schedule, which is good, but you never know -- it's an old building, and problems can happen."

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