Wazee Supper Club lands LoDo Legacy Award

The Wazee Supper Club got a facelift last year, almost four decades after it first started slinging pizzas in a part of downtown that was at least ten years away from being nicknamed LoDo.

Since then, watering holes have come and gone from lower downtown, but the Wazee just carries on -- and its continuing contribution to the neighborhood was just honored when the LoDo District presented its 23nd annual Limelight Awards. See also: - Wazee Supper Club reopens after renovations - Chef and Tell with Randy Balch of the Wazee Supper Club - Chef and Tell with Tom Coohill of Coohills

The Wazee won the LoDo "Legacy" Award "for development projects that contribute to LoDo's culture of historic preservation and innovation, for their newly renovated venue and for LoDo's best pizza for the past 39 years."

A much newer restaurant, Coohills, which opened in November 2011, won the LoDo "Spotlight" award for its BEats on the Creek Concert Series, a new music event that "drew neighbors and businesses to a delightful new venue overlooking Cherry Creek. The proceeds from this event went to the Greenway Foundation to help preserve the Platte River and Confluence area."

SpringHill Suites won the LoDo "New Business" Award: "The new hotel and the adjacent Metropolitan State University's Hospitality Learning Center brings much needed hotel space to LoDo; while the learning center will churn out qualified graduates from one of the only on-campus hotels in the U.S."

The two other award winners were Rob Grey for the LoDo "Service" Award, and Carol Ann and Paul Rothman for the LoDo "Cares" Award, in honor of all their philanthropic contributions to the neighborhood, including their efforts to create and maintain the Downtown Denver Children's Playground.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.