Wen Chocolates shop to melt away

Sad news for sweets lovers: Wen Chocolates will close its doors at 4 p.m. on February 14 -- Valentine's Day.

"I love that shop, and all of the wonderful friends we've made in the neighborhood and around Denver," says owner/chef William Poole. "But I found myself wanting to be outside the shop more than I wanted to be in it, and realized it was time to take some time off. I'm looking forward to working with our horses, renovating our house, continuing to lecture and branching out into more opportunities in television."

Wen Chocolates got its start in the Icehouse in 2003, then moved to its current location in 2006. And now that the lease on that space is up, Poole is moving on.

"This has been an incredible seven-year journey for me," Poole says. The opening of this store, the time on the Food Network, the opportunity to educate the foodies of Denver on better choices in confectionery, the tours of foodies that have come through the doors -- it has been an honor to have the opportunity to produce my chocolates and confections for the people of Denver."

Wen's website is currently down for remodeling, but the store at 1541 Platte Street will be open for two more weeks. For more information, call 303-477-5765.

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