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Because we are, by and large, a bunch of drunks, every week we feature at least one bar in our food section. One week, it's Drew Bixby braving some unchartered watering hole with his "Drunk of the Week." The next, it's Nancy Levine discovering some creatively poured, creatively named "Drink of the Week" in a usually (but not always) shinier establishment. We've been doing this for years, so we decided to throw together a map of all the places we've visited, with links back to the original articles. That would be that giant mess above, which if nothing else proves that our writers have single-handedly kept the local bar business afloat all these years.

If you don't see a certain bar, click on "Westword.com's Map of the Bars" above. There are multiple pages of bars in the index, and you have to be on the right page to see your bar. Zoom in to find a bar in your favorite 'hood. The martini glasses denote a "Drink of the Week," while the drunk dude swimming in the Platte denotes a "Drunk of the Week."

Thanks to Sera Scott, the Albert Pujols of Westword interns, for putting it together, which must have truly sucked. Pick a bar, Sera, and drinks are on us -- in about four years.

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