Westword's next restaurant critic: food for thought

This week's



Laura Shunk's last review

, of


; earlier today, she posted her list of "

Denver spots I'll miss most.."

Since we announced a month ago that Laura was moving to New York, Westword has received a smorgasbord of applications for her food-writing job. And although Eater recently posted a story on the very depressing reduction in restaurant reviewers at newspapers around the country, we definitely plan to hire a new Cafe critic.

We've been running restaurant reviews for more than thirty years, when Barbara Lane was our first critic; in the years since, our restaurant reviewers have included Elise Cagan, John Kessler (still reviewing for the Atlanta Constitution), Kyle Wagner (today the travel editor at the Denver Post) and Jason Sheehan (now food editor at Philadelphia Magazine).

We hope to announce the new critic in this distinguished lineup in July; in the meantime, if you applied for the job, you should have received a response acknowledging receipt of your application. If you have questions about the job, e-mail cafe@westword.com -- and thanks in advance for your patience.

And if you have suggestions for qualities our next critic should possess -- and places he/she should review -- post them below!

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