Westword's Ten Most-Read Denver Food Stories From 2015

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5. The Ten Best Burgers in Denver — 2015 Edition
"Whether you like them old-fashioned or newfangled, simple or over-the-top, there's a burger for you. Every year, something new and delicious shows up to knock off upstarts and old-timers alike. Choices aren't easy; almost every white-tablecloth eatery and greasy spoon in town turns out a burger, whether smashed, char-grilled, pan-fried or otherwise. We've narrowed it down to the ten best in Denver; here they are in alphabetical order, with the top slot reserved for our Best Burger as awarded in our Best of Denver 2015 edition." 

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4. Le Central Bids Adieu
"An affordable French restaurant? Mais oui. Le Central charmed Denver from the moment that Robert Tournier opened his restaurant at Eighth and Lincoln — and for the next 34 years, Le Central stayed true to its goal of serving good, inexpensive French fare in surroundings as accessible as its price point. But now the 65-year-old Tournier has decided to close Le Central." 

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3. Colorado Brewery Will Debut CBD-Infused Sativa IPA at Great American Beer Festival
"Sativa IPA won't get you high, but it will almost certainly cause a healthy buzz at the Great American Beer Festival next month. The beer, made by Dad & Dudes Breweria in Aurora, is infused with cannabidiol oil, a non-psychoactive hemp extract. Although there are several hemp beers made in the United States, this may the first beer made with CBD." 

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2. The Ten Best Green Chiles in Denver — 2015 Edition
"Most longtime Denverites don't just have opinions about green chile; they have manifestos. The sauce — or soup, or stew, depending on whom you talk to and where you order it — comes in bowls, ramekins and styrofoam tubs and gets sloshed over everything from fries to tamales. A burrito in Denver wouldn't be a burrito without a generous dose of verde inside the tortilla, if you're eating on the go, or smothering the whole thing on an oval platter, if you're sitting down for the long haul. And if you want to start a heated discussion — or maybe a land war — just ask residents where they like to get their green. We ate our way through thick and thin, hot and mild, green and...well, not so green, to arrive at our list of the ten best green chiles that Denver has to offer." 

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1. The Ten Best Brunch Spots in Denver — 2015 Edition
"Denver is a brunch-crazed city, so choosing just one spot to be crowned the best brunch destination is no easy feat. We look at every restaurant that offers more than the standard eggs, bacon and omelets to truly elevate and innovate their brunch menus. Taking into consideration creative preparations, wait times, drink options and bottomless deals, we've made a quest of locating the most amazing mid-morning meals. Without further ado, here are the ten best brunches in Denver for 2015, all of which go far above basic Benedicts and boring breakfast burritos." 

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