What are Denver's most haunted restaurant locations?

Peter Boyles is holding his annual haunted house event at Yak and Yeti, the Nepalese restaurant that took over the former home of the Cheshire Cat Brewpub and Restaurant, at 7803 Ralston Road in Arvada. (There's a second Yak and Yeti at 8665 Sheridan in Westminster.) The ghosts on Ralston Road predate the brewpub era, though; the building got its start as a horse farm back in 1863, local fans of the supernatural swear it's haunted by more than a century of spooks.

You don't need to head to Arvada to find haunted restaurant sites, though. The biggest black hole in Denver could well be 250 Josephine Street, which recently swallowed Juicy Lucy's, and is still haunted by the spectre of Tula, Go Fish Grille, Indigo, Creekside Grill and Papillon, among other doomed occupants of the space.

We'll be compiling a list of the local dining scene's ten top black holes in time for Halloween; post your nominations below.

And feel free to note locations that seem to have broken a curse. JR's Bar, for example, is doing just fine at 777 East 17th Avenue, an address so spooked by previous tenants that the owners of Majorca had the Mudmen exorcise the place when that Mediterranean restaurant moved in. (Surprise! Majorca didn't last....)

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