Recently I had a run-in with some less-than-delicious bacon. After I wrote about it, Sue from Whole Foods posted a comment that I should get in touch. So I did, and Sue Raney, store accountant at the Ideal Market in Boulder (which owned by Whole Foods), made a gracious offer of a gift card.

What burn(ed) my toast

I wasn't sure how this would work out with journalistic standards and all that, but after a lengthy moral debate with myself, I said, "Fuck it, I'm an intern -- I don't have standards!"
Fast forward a few days and there is my gangly, skinny hand holding a $20 gift card from Whole Foods. This was a very nice gesture from the store -- I would have sent a pack of turkey bacon, the ultimate slap in the face. 

But the question of what to do with the gift card is tearing me apart. The little devil on my shoulder wants me to go buy $20 worth of low sodium bacon again and bitch about how it went bad (he's a passive-aggressive little guy), but that just doesn't seem right. To keep this good karma train chugging along, I could buy some fruit for a homeless shelter or something. After all, it IS the season of giving.
Or maybe I'll just give myself $20 worth of Rouge Creamery's Smokey Blue cheese, which for no reason at all I am heartily craving right now. Your opinions would be very useful in my important decision. -- Tyler Nemkov

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