What restaurant would you like to see at 13th and College in Boulder?

There are certain addresses that seem to be black holes, swallowing the life out of every business that moves into them. And 1100 13th Street on The Hill definitely fits the profile.

Over the past ten years, it's held everything from a Dairy Queen, which closed in 2006, to the 13th Street Cafe, to the Kaddy Shack. And late last year, it finally sucked the life out of Del Taco.

In an effort to break the curse, the owner of the property is now asking Boulder residents what should move into this spot next.

Peter Howser seems determined to transform the space into something -- anything -- that would satisfy Boulder's taste. And so he's posted a sign in the window of the building, and has also created a "13th and College" Facebook page where Boulder residents can recommend what kind of the food, atmosphere and services they'd like to see move into this location next.

So far Chik-fil-A has the most mentions, followed by Buffalo Wild Wings and Moe's Bagels.

What restaurant would you like to see at 1100 13th Street?

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