What will you eat, drink, make and learn in 2010?

In less than four days, we're going to be guilted into making a bunch of New Year's resolutions that most of us will undoubtedly break, which is as good a reason as any not to make any resolutions at all. Nonetheless, as I was reading through the posts on www.egullet.org, I came across a request to share culinary resolutions, the "I wills" of which egullet pilfered (with permission) from something (or someone) called "Pontormo" and which I'm now skulking (without permission) from egullet. Fill in the blanks using the comment section below. We'll reprint the best answers early next week, after you've all had the opportunity to search deep within your culinary soul.

In 2010,

I will eat_________________

I will drink_________________

I will make_______________

I will find________________

I will learn_______________

I will teach_______________

I will read________________

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