What's the best new restaurant in Denver?

Despite the lousy economy, 2009 was a great year for new restaurants. Some years, when we set out to pick the Best New Restaurant for the Best of Denver, we're hard-pressed to come up with one worthy contender. This round, we have more than a dozen restaurants that last year all miraculously managed to find their financing, get their doors open, and then, even more amazingly, consistently served up impressive fare.

Among the restaurants in the class of 2009:

Argyll, Olivea, TAG , Squeaky Bean, Colt & Gray , LoHi SteakBar, Sketch, Ernie's, Tarbell's Home, Park Burger, Happy (which started out as the Happy Noodle House), Arugula and Salt (yes, we're using the metro definition of Denver, so Boulder restaurants are included).

You still have time to vote for your favorite online (deadline for the Best of Denver 2010 Reader's Poll is Monday, March 22). And if you'd like to say more about your pick (whether it's one of the restaurants listed above or another member of the class of 2009) -- and perhaps sway other voters in the process -- do so below. We may include some of these comments in the Best of Denver 2010, which hits the streets on April 1 (no fooling).

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