When Ototo closed for repairs, our review took a break, too

My review of Ototo Food and Wine Bar was originally slated to run on Thursday, March 3. I'd eaten three meals at the place, written the review and signed off on what I thought was the final version -- and then on Saturday, February 26, two days before that issue would go to press, we found out that Ototo had closed for repairs because of faulty construction work in the kitchen.

Just the night before, we'd been talking about how another publication had run a review of Skew more than a week after that place had shuttered. We'd discussed when pulling a review and doing a fast replacement was justified...never dreaming we'd be doing just that the next day.

Ototo's owners weren't sure how long the repairs would take, and so rather than publish a review for a restaurant where no one could eat (and if you'd seen that picture of foie gras last week, you'd have wanted to eat there, right?) I moved up my next review, since I'd already eaten all the meals I needed to (and more than I wanted to) at Carmine's on Penn.

Ototo reopened last Friday, a week after it had suddenly closed, and it's still serving the oysters and foie I so loved, and described in my now-current review. But the restaurant has made other changes: It's no longer serving dinner on Sunday and Monday nights. Until summer, Ototo is just open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday. When it goes back to seven nights a week, it'll also add lunch.

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