Where am I drinking?

I rarely drink rum, but during a recent dinner at an unnamed Denver restaurant whose food happens to pair very well with rum, I broke off my commitment to wine and beer and sipped several sniffers of the potent stuff, which seemed like a smart idea at the time, but like most of my ideas that seem intelligent at that specific moment, it wasn't.

Still, some of these rums were remarkably good, and while the head throbbing that ensued soon after I took the last sip convinced me, yet again, why I should stay the hell away from liquor, as any of you experienced rum swillers can see from the photo posted above, there are a few bottles in the mix that you definitely won't find at the corner liquor den. Or at any liquor store, for that matter.

By the way, the place where I'm drinking offers nearly a dozen rum flights (and upwards of 50 bottles), more any any other restaurant/bar in the city.

You tell me: Where am I?

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