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Where art thou, Billy Lam?

Okay, so we're usually not in the market of hunting down Denver's most wanted, but after our post yesterday announcing Pho Havana's takeover of Chef's Noodle House, an Asian joint previously run by Billy Lam, a killer-genius chef especially when it comes to noodles, we're now wondering what the hell became of Billy. As are a few commenters, like Buy Curious, who wrote, "Where, o where, has our little Lam gone?"

Good question, and one that we're hoping one of you gumshoes can answer.

We haven't seen Billy in a while, not since February -- hell, even longer -- but we don't think he's changed too much since that bi-speckled face in the above photo was snapped.

If you can tell us where Billy is, we guarantee you'll get a reward for your sleuthing. Maybe a DINR deck, maybe drinks or dinner with the Cafe Society clan, maybe your own set of monogrammed chopsticks.

Just help us find Billy.

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Lori Midson
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